Cara Fano

Writer, Creator & Executive Producer

Cara Fano was born and raised in New Jersey. She wrote and directed dozens of comedic films throughout middle school and high school, before attending Boston University. There she was a Dean’s Host and writing counselor for students, played college rugby and graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Screenwriting for Film & Television and a minor in Women’s Studies. In her sophomore year, Cara won second place in the highly competitive Boston University Redstone Screenwriting Competition. She also met Jake Delaney at BU, and upon graduation, they moved to Los Angeles and became writing partners.

Cara quickly landed a job in the mail room of Management 360, which represents hundreds of A-list Hollywood talent. She was soon promoted to a Literary Partner’s desk, where she read thousands of scripts, TV pilots, and books, and still managed to find time to attend Jake’s improv shows at night. One such evening, Cara saw Jake perform with Paige Hoffman and immediately recognized their chemistry was electrifying. She insisted they write a series to showcase this contagious dynamic. Thus The Filth was born.

Meanwhile in the working world, Cara moved on to the office of Greg Silverman, then President of Creative Development and Worldwide Production at Warner Brothers Pictures. Two months later, Greg announced he was leaving WB to form his own production company, Stampede Ventures. He asked Cara to join him as his assistant, and she did. He quickly promoted her to Director of Development of the company, followed by another promotion to Vice President of Television. Stampede Ventures recently announced its first feature film, Newsflash, starring Seth Rogen, Bryan Cranston, and Mark Ruffalo. Cara is a co-producer on this film, which will be her second official Hollywood credit, after The Filth.