episode one

After an abrupt break up, STELLA drags her feet through her terrible day job as a plumber at a her family’s business, while her frazzled best friend MAX zig zags between his many jobs as a retail associate, manny, and struggling actor. Max returns home to his questionably straight roommate, DANNY and a quasi-romantic home-cooked meal. That night, Stella and Max meet up at their sanctuary–an inclusive nightclub called Electro Chapel–where JOCELYN, a new dancer, catches Stella’s eye.


Episode two

Stella and Max attend a double funeral that makes them question the state of their aimless lives. After a brief but enlightening psychedelic journey, Stella decides to come out to her family as bisexual and Max shifts his focus to networking and seeking out more attainable men… like his new crush.


Episode Three

Max and Stella rally their friends for Pretty in Pink night at Electro Chapel, including Max’s latest obsession: Justin. But when Max learns some unsettling information about his new crush, things take a left turn. Stella has an awkward run-in with her ex, but grows closer to Jocelyn.


Episode Four

Romantic tensions between Max and Danny reach an all-time high as they enjoy a romantic "bro day”. Stella visits her therapist and invites Jocelyn over for the first time. 


Episode Five


Max's and Danny’s college friend, CORY flies in from New York for Max’s birthday. Stella and Jocelyn go on their first public date, which doesn't go as planned. At Max’s birthday party, tensions come to a head and secrets are revealed.