Episode One


STELLA NIELSEN hates her day job working for her family’s plumbing business. At night, she go-go dances at the Electro Chapel, an eclectic and inclusive night club and the only place she can ever fully abandon her anxieties over the filth of everyday life.

Almost immediately after we meet her, Stella’s long term boyfriend, TROY breaks up with her for being despondent and emotionally detached. With the day off to a rocky start, she heads off to work at Nielson & Sons Plumbing, where she battles micro-misogyny from her clients and the inescapable ignorance of her family.

MAX BOWMAN, Stella’s constantly over-scheduled best friend tries to balance his life as a manny, retail salesman, and aspiring actor. At his retail job, he basically runs the store by himself while his ethereally-vapid co-worker, MARCIA, works on various art projects. While babysitting, Max bottles up his jealousy behind a smile as frenemy and fellow nanny/actor, LYDIA boasts about her groundbreaking audition for a soap commercial. Things start to look up when he lands his first audition in months, but, upon arrival, he realizes it’s an anti-abortion ad. Though the promise of a straight role for his reel is tempting, he ultimately decides against it.

Max returns home for a romantic homemade dinner cooked by his allegedly straight roommate and best friend, DANNY, for whom he’s been harboring a crush for the whole five years of their friendship.

Stella returns home to find Troy waiting with a box of her things. He gives her one more chance to stop him from breaking up with her, but she can’t bring herself to say a word. He tells her she’s filthy and exits her life. Her roommate, XANDER consoles her as she laments the loss of Troy’s in-unit washer/ dryer and calls on her go-to self-esteem boosting make-out guy.

Night falls as Max and Stella seek solace in their place of worship: the Electro Chapel, where Stella go-go dances. Over the course of the night, Max witnesses Danny hooking up with Lydia; Stella meets a new love interest, JOCELYN, a little person and Electro Chapel’s newest dancer; and Max and Stella fill each other in on their days as they munch on tacos in the back of Stella’s plumbing truck at 3 AM.


Episode Two


It’s the next morning, and Stella and Max are getting dressed for a double funeral––a dual funeral for Stella’s aunt and her best friend, who were so close they died within a week of each other. Max has never been to a funeral before, and he is thrilled for the opportunity to practice his crying on command. However, as they listen to the eulogies for the deceased’s unremarkable lives, Max and Stella are motivated to start getting their own lives on the right track.

In an attempt to reset their goals and gain inspiration, they get high and dive into making Mind Maps: a psycho-therapy technique that uses information visualization to organize one’s thoughts. However, what ensues is an unproductive psychedelic trip. With prodding from Xander, Max and Stella leave the house to seek inspiration elsewhere. Instead, they wind up being seduced into spending far too much money on high fashion couture by a mystical Melrose Ave. shop owner. But not before Stella makes up her mind to come out to her family as bisexual.

That night, Max attends Marcia’s absurd art show, where he meets a handsome and confident new love interest, JUSTIN. Meanwhile Stella attends her family dinner. She is about to come out , when her brother interrupts to announce he and his wife are having a baby. The conversation turns to Max, and Stella grows frustrated by her family's small minded homophobia.

Matters only get worse when Jocelyn happens to arrive at the same restaurant. After an awkward encounter in which her family gawks at Jocelyn, Stella goes to the bathroom to apologize to her. Stella has to help Jocelyn wash her hands because she can’t reach the sink, which leads Stella to gain a deeper understanding of the everyday struggles faced by little people. Feeling defeated by the day, Stella returns home to snuggle up in her bed with Max and watch RuPaul’s Drag Race.


Chapter Three


In order to channel good fortune for their Saturday night out, Max and Stella perform a glittery ritual in her Party Tabernacle (aka her closet). Max pines after his new romantic obsession, Justin, while Stella prays to Saint James St. James. They rally their friends and head off for an epic night.

Upon arriving at Electro Chapel, Max is introduced to the bodyguard who happens to be Justin’s boyfriend. (What? He flirts like he's single!) Confused, bewildered, and frustrated, Max weighs the possibilities of what Justin’s intentions could be. Threesome? Infidelity? Revenge? Marcia and Lydia give him dueling terrible advice, while Danny gets hit on by a gay man. Lydia confronts him, and says she wants to be with him but can’t because her career is taking off. All of this sends Danny into an internal tailspin.

Meanwhile, Stella is confronted with her past when Troy shows up with his new girlfriend. Jocelyn gives her a pep talk that brings them closer together.

On stage, Stella and Jocelyn have a dance-off with Troy and his girlfriend, who are dancing in the audience. It culminates in a near-kiss between Stella and Jocelyn—safe to say they won the competition––before Max interrupts to complain about Justin.

Max also goes to Danny for advice on what to do about Justin. Danny tells Max that he deserves better and that there are people out there who would treat him that way. Max interprets this as Danny’s way of telling him he would treat him better. Max makes up his mind and defiantly tells Justin he won’t sleep with him. Justin reveals that he isn’t trying to sleep with him, he was just looking to be friends. Embarrassed but clinging to his renewed passion for Danny, Max leaves the club with his head held high.

At the end of the night, Stella kisses Jocelyn goodbye as Max exclaims that he’s holding out for Danny. They part ways, leaving Jocelyn alone as her Uber pulls up. A couple of drunkards mock her loudly and we see this affect her. She texts Stella to say she's glad to have people like her in her life. Stella interprets this to be about their budding romance and is encouraged.


Episode Four


Romantic tensions between Max and Danny reach an all-time high as they enjoy a romantic "bro day" together. Danny buys Max's coffee, takes him out in a row boat, and picnics with him in Echo Park. Danny discusses his plans for Max’s birthday party, prompting Max to reveal his insecurity about getting older and not reaching the career milestones he had hoped to achieve by now. Danny reassures Max and showers him with sweet compliments. Max swoons, believing he and Danny are getting closer and closer to revealing their true feelings for one another.

Meanwhile, reality hits Stella when Charlotte, her therapist, challenges her to be more honest with herself about her relationship with Jocelyn and how difficult it will be for her. After therapy, she tries to distract herself from the anxiety she's feeling, but fails miserably. Jocelyn calls and Xander forces Stella to answer. Jocelyn asks Stella if she wants to hang out, and she admits she does. Jocelyn comes over and they get intimate for the first time.

Max and Danny drive up to Mulholland Drive to take in the gorgeous views and the lights of Los Angeles. The line between friends and lovers becomes increasingly blurred for Max as they belt out a romantic pop song and find themselves inches apart.

After they return home, Max writes a letter confessing his love for Danny. Feels good to let it all out.


Episode Five


Max's birthday has finally arrived. He beings his big day at LAX, picking up Danny’s and his obnoxious college friend, CORY. Cory unleashes a litany of problematic complaints and insane stories about his life in New York on the drive home, and we instantly love to hate him. Once home, the three friends drink and reminisce. Cory privately asks Max if Danny has come out yet. Max tells him no, but he believes he will soon.

After consummating their relationship, Stella and Jocelyn go on their first public date. Stares, snickers, and paranoid thoughts trigger a major anxiety attack for Stella. She storms out of the restaurant and destroys her relationship with Jocelyn before it ever has the chance to become something real.

At Max’s birthday party, guests mingle while Lydia seeks attention and Max wonders where Stella is. Danny is acting strange, and Max asks if he’s okay. Danny pulls Max outside and comes out to him! ...As pansexual—he feels sexual, and romantic attractions to people's auras, regardless of their sex or gender identity. Makes takes this to mean that Danny reciprocates his feelings, and leaves his confessional letter on Danny’s bed only to learn that Danny told Cory before him. He's hurt by this.

Meanwhile, Stella gets high and wallows in her post-break-up anxiety. She shows up to Max’s birthday party hours late, looking like a disheveled mess. She complains about her heartbreak and tells Max that she and Jocelyn are over. Max, dealing with the hurt of coming in second to Cory, yells at Stella for throwing her problems at him on his birthday and ruining his party. Stella fights back and threatens to leave Max says that's a good idea. Tears in her eyes, Stella storms out.

Stella, in a haze of rejection and anxiety, stumbles into her apartment. Seeking solace in sex, Stella sleeps with her roommate, Xander. We all know it's the worst move she could make.

After his party ends, Max wanders upstairs in search of Danny and Cory. He walks in on them having sex in Danny’s room and his world crashes down around him.